Family History

The building that houses the restaurant Zur Dankbarkeit looks back on a long history, and the restaurant itself is anything but new.

Ancient documents describe a “one-storey castle” built by Cistercian monks. This is unlikely to have been anything fancy; more likely it was simply a large and solidly constructed building for its time. Later it served as the residence of a Prussian count, and for the past four generations it has housed a restaurant whose owner has always been named (Josef) Lentsch.

Josef I
Acquired the building in 1934, adapting it to the needs of a restaurant and establishing the family winegrowing business.

Josef II
Took over the restaurant Zur Dankbarkeit in 1959 and, at a time when “international” cuisine included “Hawaii Schnitzel” and “Berne” sausages, dedicated himself to preparing the fine regional cuisine of Burgenland and Pannonia.

Josef III
The current restaurateur feels a great sense of duty to his heritage. Zur Dankbarkeit strives to be no more and no less than an agreeable restaurant that keeps the traditions of its local region, Seewinkel, alive.

Markus Lentsch
Joined the family team at the Podersdorf restaurant in 2012 and is determined to maintain its reputation as an agreeable restaurant, keeping the traditions of the region alive.