The Seewinkel

Podersdorf lies just north of the Seewinkel National Park. This is a beautiful and exciting part of Austria with far more to offer than the stereotypical edelweiss and Alpine rose, and it provides a wonderful excuse for paying a visit to Zur Dankbarkeit.

There are difficult choices to be made: do you prefer a stroll through the vineyards before or after a delicious meal, a cycle tour to quiet and secluded places, or a boat trip on the lake? Our guests frequently choose to ask our advice over a fine meal in our restaurant and then spend so long deciding that it gets too late for outdoor activities, thus providing even more time for culinary pleasure.
This is a pleasant choice, but it does mean missing a number of things well worth seeing.

For example:
Some 340 species of birds, including sandpipers, geese, herons, storks and curlews.
A herd of Hungarian longhorn beef.
A drove of Mangalitza pigs.
The cheerful concert of frogs and toads.
Thus it is obvious that some (although certainly not all) of the animals in the National Park also have culinary value that is put to good use at Zur Dankbarkeit.